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Double Hello-Goodbye Setting

The basic form of Hello-goodbye setting requires only three Couples; Double hello-goodbye setting is a derivative for four Couples and so is found only in Sets of four (or more) Couples. The Supporting couples are in the Corners of The set and there are two Dancing couples (in 2nd and 3rd positions).

The Figure Starts with two of the latter four Dancers Facing First corners, as in the basic 3-couple form; and the other two Face Second corners. For example, in bars 9-16 of Wicked Willy, the 1st and 4th couples are the Dancing couples in 2nd and 3rd positions, respectively; they Start Facing the adjacent Corner in a Longwise, 4 couple repeat in 4 couple set. The succeeding 2 bars are the same as in bars 3-4 of the standard Figure (albeit from different Positions). In this, as in most implementations but unlike the basic form, the Figure continues for 8 bars so that they Finish Facing the Diagonally Opposite Corner (own First corner for 1st man and 4th lady, Second corner for their Partners).

As in the basic form, the essential feature of this Figure is the separation of the functions of the right and left foot Setting steps; the right foot Setting step is performed Facing either a Corner or Partner; the left foot Setting step is used for Travelling to the next Position. Also, in a Strathspey, the right foot steps should be made quite short so that the Travelling movement can readily be achieved on the following left foot step.

Note that in this Set format, the Corners' "square" is actually a rectangle, 3 Place spacings long and 2 wide and so the component of all movements Up and down must be 50% greater; for the non-mathematicians, this means that the target point in the Sidelines (at the end of bar 2 for those who Started Facing First corners and at the end of bar 6 for those who Started Facing Second corners) is halfway between 2nd and 3rd places.

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Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Double Hello-Goodbye Setting

Double Hello-Goodbye Setting Video Clip

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