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The term Drop is used for that part of the Progression in the Longwise set format with an Active set of 3 Couples in a Full set of 4 Couples (see the section, 3 couple repeat in 4 couple set) by which, at or very near the end of each even Repeat, the 1st Couple Exchange places with the Couple Below them in order to reach 4th Place of the Full set.

No Time is allocated for this and no single Figure is appropriate; indeed, dance devisers normally do not give explicit instructions, even when some quite substantial modification of the end of the even-numbered Repeat or the beginning of the next Repeat may be essential if inelegant shuffling and inaccurate Timing are to be avoided. A good Scottish Country Dancing teacher will recognize the problem and advise the best modification.

Various specific ways of implementing Drop in this Type of Set are covered in more detail in Progression (see under The set in Types of sets) and in Flow between figures (under Flow of the dance).

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