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En Rond

The Figure, En rond is an exceptionally rare Figure used as a Progression to interchange 1st and 2nd Couples in Quick tempo Scottish Country Dances in the Longwise set format; it consists of three basic Figures, using the appropriate steps (Skip change for bars 1-2, Pas-de-basque for bars 3-4 and Slip step for bars 5-8).

Bars 1-2
1st Man and 2nd Man Cross By the left On the sides While 1st Lady and 2nd Lady Cross By the left On the sides, 2nd Man and 1st Lady Finishing with a Polite turn, 2nd Couple now in 1st Place on their Own sides;

Bars 3-4
2nd Man with 1st Man and 2nd Lady with 1st Lady Take Nearer hands On the sides and Set Facing Partners;

Bars 5-8
2nd and 1st Couples Dance 4 Hands round to the right, Finishing with 2nd Couple in 1st Place and 1st Couple in 2nd Place.

The Figure appears in bars 1-8 of St Andrew's Gardens but this may be the only occurrence.

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