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Eye Contact

While it would be disconcerting to stare at one's Partner or another dancer, Eye contact lends social grace to the dance and can be particularly helpful to the Beginner, especially in association with any anticipatory movement of the hands.

Eye contact in Scottish Country Dancing is an important acknowledgement that two dancers are about to perform, or have just completed, a particular Figure.

For example, at the end of a Repeat of Gallagher's Rant, it is helpful for 1st Man and 3rd Lady to glance towards each other to remind themselves that they both need to start on bar 1 of the next Repeat.

Another example, during the introductory 4 bars of Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord, before acknowledging your Partner and your 1st Corner, it is immensely helpful to glance towards your 2nd Corner because you will have to meet him/her on bar 24 and then Allemande round the outside of The set.

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