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The convenient term, Finishing, is often used to provide confirmation of the outcome of a Figure; more importantly, it can be used to indicate how the ending of one Figure should be modified to facilitate the transition to the next.

Scottish Country Dancing Figures do not all Start from, and Finish in, standard Positions and so not every Figure follows seamlessly from its precursor. Finishing . . . explains how the final part of a Figure should be modified to suit the succeeding Figure. For example, in bars 5-8 of Mairi's Wedding, "Turn by the left, Finishing Facing First corners" specifies the extent of the Turn more precisely and prepares the Dancers for the Half diagonal reel of four which is to follow immediately.

It is important to remember that Finishing rarely implies stopping; it will mostly indicate a transition point between Figures executed in a smooth, continuous movement.

Sometimes, the term End is used as a synonym for Finish; it is preferable to retain the distinction by which End is used to refer to a Position within The set or within a line of Dancers and Finishing is used to refer to the modification of the final part of a Figure.

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