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Flirt And Cast

In Scottish Country Dancing, Flirt and cast is an elegant 4-bar Figure used to interchange adjacent Couples in a Longwise set in Strathspeys; the Strathspey travelling step is used throughout. Skip change would be used in any Quick Tempo implementation.

When performed by 1st and 2nd couples from their Original places:

Bars 1-2
1st lady and 2nd man Advance, Pull right shoulder back and Dance Out to Places, Finishing Facing Out;

Bars 3-4
2nd man Cast up While 1st man Dance In, Pulling right shoulder back, Finishing having Exchanged places
1st lady Cast While 2nd lady Dance In, Pulling right shoulder back, Finishing having Exchanged places.

The Finishing Facing Direction depends upon the Figure immediately following; 4 Hands round, Hands Across and Parallel Reels On the sides are particularly suitable.

Note that bars 3-4 are exactly as in Set and link for 2 couples On the sides.

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Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Flirt And Cast

Flirt And Cast Video Clip

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