Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Gaye Collin

Dances Devised By The Scottish Country Dance Deviser - G. Collin

Gaye Collin has helpfully provided her e-mail address in case anyone has a query about any dance listed below.

Allemande To Go
Babbling Brooke
Baby Boomer's Nest
Bonjour - Au Revoir
Born To Dance
Butterfly (Collin)
Chain Lynx
D For Damon
Dancers' Companions
Dancing In Kirkcudbright
Dancing The Baby
Dave MacFarlane's Reel
Drop Your Pants Here
Drug Runners Jig
Easy On The Brain
Easy Peasy Rights And Lefts
Fisherman Ginger's Reel
Flirt In Isolation
Flowering Heather
Frances's Goat Track
From Paper To Pearl
Gagt's Reel
Genteel Weasel
Golden Fantail
In Sickness And In Health
Isolated Weasel
Joshua's Jig
Joyce MacLeod
Liam Thomas
Little Bit Of Monty
Lonely Sunday Published with Gaye's dances but actually devised by Damon Collin.
MAKO's Blanket
M And M's Jig
Margarita's Trip To Italy
Musicians' Wedding
Normandale Ceilidh
Once Upon A Time
Ones With Twos, Threes And Fours
Orange To Aotearoa
Our Key To Florence
Pentland Hills
Peter Price's Strathspey
Red Squirrel (Collin)
Remembering Adelaide
River Hutt
Rondel In Waterloo
Rosss's Reel
Seagulls @ Sawtell
Set The Table For Tea
Skip Change Only
Sleepless In Normandale
St Aidan's Church Hall
Stranded In Sawtell
Stratton Street
Surprising Hannah
Susie From Penilee
Tall Guys' Strathspey
Taste @ Sawtell
Twisted Rights And Lefts
Twisted Then Chaperoned
Twisted Yet Again
Warm Me Up Scottie