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Half Diagonal Reel Of Four

The Half diagonal reel of four is a particularly common Figure which is exactly half of the Diagonal reel of four; it takes 4 bars and interchanges the Corners.

It is usually followed by another Half diagonal reel of four with the other Corners; although the Middle dancers should strictly pass By the left between these Reels, it has become common practice to pass By the right and, indeed, this is often now specified by devisers.

In bars 9-24 of Mairi's Wedding, the 1st Couple Dance four successive Half diagonal reels of four, starting by Facing, successively, their 1st Corners, their 2nd Corners, their 1st Corners in their Partner's First corner positions and their 2nd Corners in their Partner's Second corner positions.

As devised, the Dancing couple should pass By the left between the Half diagonal reels of four though only the more pedantic Scottish Country Dancers insist upon doing this nowadays.

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