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Half Reel Of Four

A Half reel of four, which is exactly half of the Reel of four, most commonly occurs on the Side of a 4 Couple Active Set; it takes 4 bars and interchanges the End dancers and the Middle dancers.

The Scottish Country Dance term is also sometimes used as an abbreviation for Half diagonal reel of four when the context makes it unambiguous.

For example, here are some Scottish Country Dances in which the term, Half reel of four, is used in either the MiniCrib or the MaxiCrib Dance instructions or both -
Brisk Bob
Ray Milbourne
All In The Mind
Cairnsmore Of Carsphairn
Cairn Strathspey
Clints Of Dromore
It's Just For Fun
Largo Bay
Reel Challenge (Attwood)

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