Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Haliburton School Of Arts SCD Book 6

Dances Devised By The Scottish Country Dance Devisers - Maggie and Duncan Keppie

Maggie and Duncan Keppie Index Page

Thresher Round
Treeple Bob
Cantily Lilt It
Reill O' Life
Barley Rigg
Run Rigg
Lang Rigg
Auld Rigg
Broome Rigg
Barman's Jig
Blythest Lilt
Follow The Knowes
Hanle The Feet
Foreoars Lilt
Rantin' Kirn
Lilt It Pair On Pair
Dance O' Hoochs
Cockledum Ditt The Feet
Dance O' Vowels
Run-Deil Dance
All Glint And Glisk
Dinna Haud The Cannle
Treeple On The Square
Dance Your Heart Intil You Feet
Keep Yer Ribbons Reelin'
Twalsome Reel
Reel Dozen
Toronto Waltz