Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Holly Boyd

Dances Devised By The Scottish Country Dance Deviser - H. Boyd

Alistair's Dance
Biking In Aarhus
California Dreaming
Captain's House
Cat Lover's Birthday
Célébrations 2017
Chain, Chain, Chain
Cocoa Beach Marathon
Customs Made
Cyprus Roundabout
Dance To The Music
Dog Stalker
Don Kent's Connection Inspection
Easy Does It
Everyone Is Dancing!
Flower Of Pitlochry
Golden Gala Tangle
Interesting Times
Katie In Kingston
Katie's Birthday
Leaves In Autumn
Lest We Forget
Little Hush
Lupin Cows
Manderley Weasel
Meet Your Corners
No Hands!
On The Moxley's Deck
Picton Tartan Tea Dance
Pig Farmer's Wife
Ramona's Dance
Reel Fun
TACbook Scotts
Till We Meet Up Again
Time For A New Dog (Dance)
Two Rebeccas
Virtual Happiness
Wedding At Fingask Castle
Ye Olde Pussy Cat
Yet Another Birthday

Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams For Dances Devised By H. Boyd

Bernies Triumph
Bewitched In Salem
Bishop Hall
Fairlee Frolic
Muddy Dog Run
Portsmouth Intersection

Dance Instruction Videos For Dances Devised By H. Boyd

Amelia Frances Charlotte Wood
Annie's Dance
Dancing In 3D
Heart And Soul
Montréal Anniversary Jig
My Cousin Heather
Our Red Zone Strathspey
Purple Rain
Scarecrow Jig