Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Iain Boyd

Dances Devised By The Scottish Country Dance Deviser - I. Boyd

Across The Brandywine
Ale Is Dear
At The End Of The Day
Auld Grey Cat (Boyd)
Bluebells Of Scotland
Book Of Verse
Cairdin' O' T
Calm Before The Storm (Boyd)
Cashmere Shawl
Cats In The Kitchen
Caught By The Wind
Chapel On The Hill
Cherry Blossoms (Boyd)
Come In Out Of The Rain
Come Let Us Dance And Sing
Dark Lochnagar
Enchanted Garden
Enchanted Isle
Fairy Ring
Flower Of The Quern (Boyd)
Gateway To The World
Glen Falloch (Boyd)
Glittering Caves
Grey Wanderer
Happy To Meet
Homeward Bound (Boyd)
Hopeful Lovers
Kale Pot
Key To The Door
Lassie, Will Ye Come And Dance
Left-Handed Tushker
Lily In The Valley
Loch Ness Monster (Boyd)
London Pride (Boyd)
Lords Of The Wind
Mad Hatter
Meeting Of The Waters
Mystery Of The Star Sapphire
Old Man Of Hoy
On The Morning Tide
On The Quarter Deck
Pride Of The Murray
Raising The Anchor
Rambling Pitchfork (Boyd)
Riders Of Rohan
Rogues' Gallery
Smith At His Anvil
Snow In Summer (Boyd)
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Sport Of The Chase
Sprig Of Heather
Steeple Rock
Stone Court
Swan On The Lake
There Cam' A Young Man (Boyd)
Tree Fern
Trysting Place
Twa Corbies (Boyd)
Twa Sparkling Een
Wandering Drummer
White Rabbit (Boyd)
Wind Dragon
Wind On The Heath
World Turned Upside Down (Boyd)

Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams For Dances Devised By I. Boyd

Castle In The Glen
Follow Your Dreams
For Lack Of Silver
March Hare (Boyd)
Nut Loaf
On The Edge Of The Sand
White Knight

Dance Instruction Videos For Dances Devised By I. Boyd

Earl Of Arran
Belle Of The Ball (Boyd)
Bucket Tree
Glen Etive
Lord Kilmarnock
On The Incoming Tide
Vale Of Singing Gold
Wild Mountain Thyme (Boyd)
Wind In The Willows
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