Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Ian Barbour

Dances Devised By The Scottish Country Dance Deviser - I. Barbour

Across The Esk
Allan Nixon's Reel
Auld Koofie
Bill Hendry's Reel
Blue Tartan
Broken Ridge
Bruce And Margaret Urquhart
By Dundonald
C.J.'s Reel
Castle Park Jig
Chimney Sweep
Cuckoo Clock
Dainty Duncan
Dandelion Picker
Dog's Breakfast
Donald Iain Rankine
Farewell To The North
Farewell To Wiston
Final Reel
For All The Ladies
Four Minute Reel
Glen Grant
Goathland Road
Golden Years (Barbour)
Gordon Young's Reel
Hamish Smith's Reel
Hunter's Hill
Iain Nixon's Reel
Inn On The Moor
Jiggery Pokery
Johnny Lad
Lancastrian Wanderer
Land Of The Prince Bishops
Lesley Nixon's Reel
Longhandled Broom
Malt Shovel
Mason's 80
Master And His Lady
Mike Hardie's Reel
Miss Gabrielle's Reel
Mo's Jig
Muckle Burn
Newholme Jig
Only Vacant Place
Peter And Madeleine Quince
Roddy's Reel
Salmonfield Poacher
Sandy Nixon's Reel
Shakin' The Bottle
St Anne's Reel
St Margaret's Inch
Suzanne Barbour
Weary Willie's Reel
Where Friends Meet
Wileycat Wood

Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams For Dances Devised By I. Barbour

Danelaw Reel
Land Of The Prince Bishops
Peter And Madeleine Quince
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