Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Irregular Sets

Once one has assigned all the known Scottish Country Dances to the main categories:
    Longwise sets with varying numbers of Dancers
    Square, Triangular and other forms of Circular sets and
    Round the room sets of the Progressive and ballroom types
a few dances remain unassigned. For convenience, we use the term, Irregular sets, to cover all those dances in which the format of The set is not one of the above.

The most notable of these require the Active Sets to be disposed randomly within the room rather than regularly. These dances may involve a rather rumbustious Progression and so are eminently suited to a programme of Ceilidh dances. For example, in The Borrowdale Exchange, after 20 bars of each Repeat, the 3 Couples of the Active set split up, acquire new Partners, separate and Promenade randomly for 8 bars to meet two other, newly-formed Couples for the next Repeat.

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