Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Jean Attwood

Dances Devised By The Scottish Country Dance Deviser - J. Attwood

Aiken Tree
Alexander Reel
Bonny Bells Of Heather
Bonny Lads Of Earley
Brigs Of Ayr
Brooch Of Lorne
Burning The Water
Butterscotch And Honey
By Sea And By Land
Ca' Canny
Caithness Heart
Carlin's Cairn
Castle Varrich
Clints Of Dromore
Dancing Dominie
Fair Jennie's Jig
Fair Rosamund
Falls Of Rogie
Five Penny Ness
Flitting Of Lorn
Glen Falloch (Attwood)
Here's Tae Us
Hunting The Haggis
Inveran Bridge
Lady Sophia Lindsay
Langholm Fair
Logan Reel
MacFarlane's Geese
McGregor's Leap
Mercat Cross (Attwood)
Murray's Welcome
Penny Reel
Perthshire Maiden
Ptarmigan Reel
Red Rose And White
Red Rose Of Dunoon
Reel Challenge (Attwood)
Roslin Castle
Round House Reel
SlĂ inte Mhath
Turnberry Tensome
Wishing Tree

Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams For Dances Devised By J. Attwood

Away To The West
Banks And Braes
Bannocks O' Barley
Bauld Buccleuch
Black Barony
Bonny Lads Of Earley
Border Burn
Braes O' Lochaber
Braid Bonnet
Carrick Lass
Castle Of The Comyns
Chanronry Chase
Click Mill
Cocklemill Burn
Coulin And Clair
Craigleith (Attwood)
Cranston's Rant
Crofter's Rant
Crown Of Scotland
Cryin' O' The Fair
Cubbie Roo
Dorothy's Wedding
Drumadoon Bay
Drummond Hill
Fiddler's Fancy
Fingal's Fancy
Flower Of Yarrow
Follow The Fiddler
Galloway Pippins
Gates Of India
Glencarron Strathspey
Glorious Twelfth (Attwood)
Gold Of Fairnilee
Golden Road
Hares On The Mountain
Heath, Hill And Heather
Heather Honey
Heights Of Inchvannie
Highland Milkmaid
Isles Of The Sea
Jacobite's Jig
Jacobite Ladies Of Murrayshall
Jeanie Dean's Jig
Jingling Geordie
Juniper Jig
Knockderry Castle
Lairds Of Coll
Lammas Night
Lamplighter's Hornpipe
Lang Gate
Lichtsome Lindsays
Lord Of Islay
Loup Of Fintry
MacDonald's Delight
Maid Of Morven
Maid Of The Loch
Merry Meetings
Mill Rig
Melville Castle (Attwood)
Mill Of Fortune
Misty Isle
Misty Law
Monessie Reel
Mountain Of The Winds
Neptune's Staircase
Newcastleton Weavers
Oh! It's That One!
Old Wick Castle
Petticoat Tails
Purple O' The Heather
Reekie Linn
Rhinns Of Islay
Road That Runs By Atholl
Rossie Moor Reel
Scotch Woodcock
Seven Thistles
Silver Darlings
Silver Strand
Skerryvore Light
Sound Of Iona (Attwood)
Stuart Of Bute
Sumburgh Roost
Thane Of Fife
Thistle And The Rose
Toast To Alltshellach
Wandering Willie
Wark O' The Weavers
Wee Torry
Wi' A' The Honours Three
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