Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

John W Mitchell

Dances Devised By The Scottish Country Dance Deviser - J. W. Mitchell

Arnold House Medley
Auld Grey Cat (Mitchell)
Auld Toon Of Ayr
Bert McCroskie
Blin' Jamie
Caddam Wood
Cooper's Wife (Mitchell)
Cooper's Wife (Mitchell) (3-Couple Version)
Dan The Cobbler
De'el's Awa' Wi' The Exciseman
Dundee City Police Jig
Hallowe'en (Mitchell)
Happy Couple (Mitchell)
Homeward Bound (Mitchell)
Humberstone's Magic Piano
Iona Cross
Iron Man (Mitchell)
Lichted Ha' (Mitchell)
Lord High Admiral
Miss Rough Of Longbank
O Wha's At The Window
Oidhche Chaluinn
Patched Bagpipe
Sprig Of Ivy (Mitchell)
There Cam' A Young Man (Mitchell)
This Is No My Ain Lassie

Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams For Dances Devised By J. W. Mitchell

After The Battle
Ainster Fisherman
Albert's Hornpipe
Anne Eltham's Fancy
Anne Fraser McKenzie
Apple Tree (Mitchell)
Archduke John Of Austria
Back Of Catterthin
Banks Hornpipe
Be Traist
Benvie House
Berwickshire Volunteers
Beth Wilson's Delight
Black Bear (Mitchell)
Bliadhna Mhath Ur
Bob Johnstone
Bonawe Highlanders
Bonnie Brig
Bonnie Doon
Bonnie Woods O' Craigielea
Braidley's House
Brinkie Braes
Bung Your Eye
C.M. Beattie
Caithness Volunteers
Calum Cam-Chosach
Cantie Auld Man
Cecil McCausland
Channel Fleet
Charlie Hunter
Chinese Breakdown
Christie McLeod
Christine McAskill
Churchill Barracks
Clarence House
Cobham Hall
Cockle Gatherers
Coffee Leaf
Collie's Reel
Colonel Byng
Comfrey Medley
Cooper's Hornpipe
Cork Hornpipe
Cropie's Strathspey
Dalry (Mitchell)
David Ross
David Ross 2
Davie's Brae
Dawning Of The Day
Doon The Burn
Dornachd Head
Dr McHardy
Drunken Parson
Dumbarton Castle
Earl Gray
Easthampstead Park
Edward Jay's Jaunt
Ellen Richard's Delight
Eriskay Boat
Far Frae Hame
Far O'er The Sea
Farnie House
Forth Bridge (Mitchell)
Frances Sitwell's Strathspey
Girl In A Blue Dream
Glencairn Reel
Glenkiln Jig
Gloomy Winter (Mitchell)
Gobbie Oh!
Good Humour
Guinea Pigs Jig
Hangleton Strathspey
Haunting Of Bisham Abbey
Highland Castle
Highland Whisky
Ho Ho My Nut Brown Maiden
Humours Of Castle Barnard
Humours Of Glendart
Huntie Gowk
I Lo'ed Nae Lassie But Ane
Innes' Jig
Isle O' Walsay
J.F. MacKenzie Esq. Of Carrynahine
Jackson's Jig
Janet Robb's Fancy
John McNeil's Reel
John Stephen
Julia McMahon
Kate Kennedy
Kelly's Reel
Kincaldrum's Reel
Kinlock Of Kinlock
Kinnegad Jig
Kirk's Hornpipe (Mitchell)
Ladie Nellie Wemys
Lady Charlotte Campbell's Medley
Lady Eliza Lindsay
Lady Madelaine Sinclair
Lady Mary Ramsay
Lass O' Gowrie
Leveneep Head
Lochaber Gathering
Lodge Hill
Lord Wellington
Loudon's Bonnie Woods
Lucky Scaup
Mairi Carron
Man From Skye
Manchester Caledonians
Martlets Reel
McGinty's Meal And Ale
McKenzie Hay
McLeod Of Mull
McPhedrun's Strathspey
Merry Boys Of Greenland
Miss Ada Crawford
Miss Agnes Lowden
Miss Barbara Cunningham
Miss Clementine Loughan
Miss Dheirdre Brown
Miss Dickson's Reel
Miss Doreen Lambert
Miss E Lyall
Miss French Of Tayside
Miss Knowles
Miss Maria Stewart's Jig
Miss Monaghan's Reel
Miss Susan Campbell Menzies
Miss Thompson's Reel
Montrose Races
Morag Hutton's Strathspey
Mount Stuart House
Mr Alex Menzies
Mr Martin
Mrs Adie
Mrs Garden Of Troup
Mrs Grace Bowie
Mrs Jimmy Shand's Strathspey
Mrs Joseph Lowe
Mrs Mary McManus
Neil Low's Second Wife
Norma's Tune
Noup Of Ness
Old Chain Pier
Old Ireland
Orange And Blue
Pet O' The Pipers
Piper's Cave
Rattlin' Bog
Rocket Hornpipe
Saddle The Pony
Scottish Horse
Shaw's Battle
Shepherd's Wife
Sidlaw Hills
Siege Of Delhi
Sister Jean
Smith's A Gallant Fireman
Soldier's Dance
St Andrew's Parade
Staten Island
Stoney Path Tower
Strawberry Bank
Sweet Maid Of Glendaruel
Syd Chalmers
T B Laing Esq
Tam Bain's Lum
Thack Cottage
Three Times Three
Thurso Wedding
Top Of Ben Lomond
Toward Castle
Tweedale Reel
Wallace's Revolution
Wattle O't
Winsten Gallop
Wonder Hornpipe
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