Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Gaelic College Scottish Country Dance Book 11
Three Dozen

Dances Devised By The Scottish Country Dance Devisers - Maggie and Duncan Keppie

Maggie and Duncan Keppie Index Page

Dubh Gall
Finn Gall
Mountains Of The Moon
As The Moon Turns
Hereawa, Thereawa
Weel Met
O! For An Eagle
Reel Pets
Gudeman Of Day
Fa' This
Tap Ta Tae
Chappit Ten
St Ann's Twasome
Twasome Reel
Scotia Threesome
Medley For Three
Gaelic College Pipe Band's Welcome Home
Fivesome Reel
Reeling On
Link Aroon
Bobbit Reel
Linkin' Ower The Lea
M And M's Fancy
Ted's Flying Shuttle
Mary's Delight
Mike's Magic
Swirling Spey
Weel's Me On The Birl
Spey In Spate (Keppie)
Highways And Byways
Black Chanter Of The MacPhersons
John Duncanson Of Falmouth