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The Knot

This Figure is used to invert the order of adjacent Couples in a Longwise set, using a Travelling step throughout and, in the middle bars, Allemande hold. The knot bears a superficial resemblance to an Inverted allemande; it is equally prescriptive and exists in forms for 2 Couples and 3 Couples. It differs markedly in not requiring the Couples to Start on the Centre line.

For full descriptions of the two forms of this Figure, see -
The Knot for 2 Couples
The Knot for 3 Couples

The Knot Derivatives

As also with Allemande, the basic form of this Figure has spawned many derivatives.

The Inverted Knot

This is a simple inversion of the basic forms, i.e., danced as though The music were at the Bottom of The set. All Start on Opposite sides and Finish Facing Up at the end of bar 2; with the Top couple leading, the anticlockwise movement of the Figure continues (Travelling Down the Men's side). All Finish on Opposite sides with the same Progression as in the uninverted form.

The Circulating Knot

Like Circulating allemande ..., Circulating knot for 2 couples and Circulating knot for 3 couples are complicated combinations of the standard and Inverted forms in which one Couple Dance the Inverted form, wholly overlapping with the others Dancing the standard form, or vice versa.

The Slip Knot

The slip knot for 2 couples and The slip knot for 3 couples are derivatives in which the last 2 bars of each 8-bar precursor Figure is modified, resulting in no and a different Progression, respectively.

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Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates The Knot

The Knot Video Clip

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