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Ladies' Schiehallion Reel

To those who feel insecure when required to perform Schiehallion reel, the Ladies' schiehallion reel (or Reverse schiehallion reel) is particularly difficult since the Men's and Ladies' roles are reversed, left and right are reversed and the Dancers move clockwise around The set. At the start, each Man Faces Out ready to Cast to follow his Partner and each Lady Faces In and to the left, towards the back of her Second corner (the Man three Dancers away on her left). Throughout the Figure, she follows that Man and each Man follows his own Partner.

For the quarter form:

Bars 1-2
each Man Casts (Pulling left shoulder back) to Finish in his Partner's Place, Facing In and to the left (exactly as she did at the beginning of the Figure) While each Lady Dances to the Place vacated by her Second corner, Finishing Facing Out, exactly as he did at the beginning of the Figure;

Bars 3-4
each Lady Casts (Pulling left shoulder back) to Finish Facing In, one Place clockwise from her Starting place, While each Man Dances to the Place vacated by his Partner, Finishing on her left.

In the half form, this Figure occurs in the Scottish Country Dances Floozie In The Jacuzzi and Medley For Margaret.

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Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Ladies' Schiehallion Reel

Ladies' Schiehallion Reel Video Clip

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