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Lead Down And Up

The dance term Lead down and up is simply a combination of Lead down and Lead up to Original Places. Depending upon the succeeding Figure, the Couple may Finish exactly where they Started, Facing In or Facing Out or on the Centreline, Facing Up or Facing each other.

It is a particularly common Figure in older dances such as Petronella and Cumberland Reel (both in RSCDS Book I).

Normally, 8 bars are allocated to this though there are many exceptions:

For example, here are some Scottish Country Dances in which the term, Lead down and up, is used in either the MiniCrib or the MaxiCrib Dance instructions or both -
Airyhall Delight
Brechin Lassies
Clydebank Strathspey
Cumberland Jig
Findlay's Jig
Margaret Parker's Strathspey
Shiftin' Bobbins
Side By Side

Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Lead Down And Up

Lead Down And Up Video Clip

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