Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Medley Dances In Longwise Sets

Here is a list of those Scottish Country Dances which are danced as medleys in longwise sets and for which a crib is available on this site. All are in 4 Couple sets except where otherwise specified.

Admiral J L Worden
An Niseag
Arnold House Medley
Athelstaneford Medley
Because He Was A Bonnie Lad
Betty's Wedding
Bide A Wee
Black Horse Medley
Bonnie Shira Glen
Boxing The Compass
Bracknell Canter
Braes Of Lochaber
Campbell Of Laphroaig
Cauld Kail
City Of Christchurch
Climbing Mont Ventoux
Dance For Helen Lobb
Dancer's Brainwave - 3 Couple set.
Dark Island - 3 Couple set.
Edinburgh Medalist
Farewell To The North
Ferguson's Fancy
Findhorn Medley - 3 Couple set.
Flowers And Fields
Frae A' The Airts
Gin And Tonic - 3 Couple set.
Glasgow Assembly
Glasgow Country Dance
Glen Garry Medley
Glittering Caves
Halfway To Silver
Hame O' Mine
Helen's Wedding
Her Majesty Is Welcome
Here's A Hand (Ackersley)
Hunter's Hill
Lady Maxwell's Reel
Latvian Lass
Linn Of Dee Medley
Longwise Eightsome Reel
Maine Medley
Mason's 80
Medley For Three - 1 Threesome set.
Middleton Medley
Millennium Medley
Miss Francis Martin
Miss Jeannie Carmichael
Montreal Rendezvous (Campbell)
Montrose Dancers - 3 Couple set.
No Mean Feet
Ord Arms Medley
Paris Celebration Medley 1 - 5 Couple set.
Perth Medley
Pinewoods Medley
Piper's Wedding (de Vroome)
Proud Father
Queen City Salute
Quiet Achiever
Raising Of The Mary Rose
Red Wine And Straight Lines - 3 Couple set.
Sage And Salsa - 3 Couple set.
Salut Angers
Scotian Twasome - 1 Couple set.
Sheffield Castle
Ship Of Dreams
Shoplifting Seagulls
Six Mile Road From Pitlochry
Skeen's Medley
Smith At His Anvil
Sparkling Shores Of Kamagari
Steeple Rock
Swings And Roundabouts
Taigh Nan Gaidheal Srathspeidh Agus Ruidhle - 2 Couple set.
Tin Medal
Tir Nan Og
Tribute To Miss Frances Martin
Viking Ship
Walking On Clouds
Wedding Medley