Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Medley Dances In Square Sets

Here is a list of those Scottish Country Dances which are danced as medleys in square sets (for 4, 5 or 6 couples) and for which a crib is available on this site. Those having extra dancers inside the set are indicated by the number of couples.

Anniversary Medley
Anya's Dance
Aroon Aboot Midnight
Beekeeper's Medley
Blooms Of Perth
Bonnie Brux
Bon Viveur
Books And Maps
Brodick Castle Gardens
Celtic Square
Christmas Tree (Roberts)
Corrievrechan (Boswell)
Dancers Fae Auchleven
Dancing On Parnassus
Dancing The Baby
Diamond Jubilee Medley
Dunvegan Castle
Eighty Not Out
Fitzroy Fancy
George Fleming's Tribute To The Timor
Glasgow Gold
Haggis Hunters
Highland Heather Honey
Hurlingham Quadrangle
Iona Cross - 6 Couple set
Jack's Delight
JB² (JB Squared)
Johnnie Walker
Lammonbie Mill
Lesley's Medley
MacDonald Of Keppoch
Maidenhead Golden Medley
Manchester Medley
March Wedding
Market Square
Ma's Medley
Medley For Margaret
Merrick - 2 Couple set
Merton Court Medley
Nor' Loch
Oregon Rant
Portincaple Oak
Powder Monkey
Quantock Hills
Radcliffe Square
Road To Rannoch
Rocking Horse
Rose In The Valley
Rose Of Glamis
Saltire Medley
Sea Dog Bamse
Senate House Square
Set In Roosendaal
Solway Sailor
Square Cut Diamond
St Andrew's Square
Tapsalteerie (Mitchell)
Tey Medley
Tribute To Patsy Rennie
Tulloch Rant
Waltham Ladies
Welcome Aboard
When In Doubt Dance Petronella
Yellow-Haired Laddie Quadrille