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Men's Chain Halfway

In Scottish Country Dancing, the Men's chain halfway Figure (sometimes called the Half men's chain) is much rarer than the closely similar Ladies chain halfway; compared to the Ladies' chain halfway, the Men's and Ladies' movements are interchanged, as also are left and right for Casting, Crossing and Turning.

As with the Ladies' chain halfway, the Men's chain halfway is for two adjacent Couples (who are not necessarily Partners) on Opposite sides of either a 4 couple square set or of a Longwise set; the "Couples" Start with each Lady, ideally Facing Out, on the right of a Man Facing In, as they would for the Ladies' chain but with roles reversed.

The Figure takes 4 bars and is exactly half of the full Men's chain. On the first 2 bars, the Men Cross By the left, each Finishing Facing Outwards in the Opposite Ladies' Position While each Lady Casts clockwise to Face Inwards in the adjacent Man's Position. On the next 2 bars, the dancers Turn halfway By the right on the Sides, the Ladies Finishing back in their Starting Positions, the Men on Opposite Sides, all Facing Inwards unless the next Figure requires otherwise.

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