Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Miss Milligan's Miscellany Volume 1

These are the dances to be found within volume 1 of Miss Milligan's Miscellany published by The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.
(MMM 1 in MiniCribs)

Abernethy Lassies
Anderson's Rant
Banks Of Allen
Banks Of Clyde
Bonnie Links
Brechin Lassies
British Grenadiers
Caledonian Country Dance
Captain White
Charles Stuart
Clydeside Lassies (MMM)
Downie's Humour
Duke Of Roxburgh's Reel
Espie McNabb
Fife Hunt
Glasgow Regatta
Ha! Ha! The Wooin' O' It
Highlandman Kissed His Mother (MMM)
High Road To Wigton
Honeymoon (MMM)
Inverness Reel
Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel
Lady Dumfries
Lady Glasgow
Lady Home's Jig
Largo Law
La Russe
Long Live The Queen
Merry Oddfellows
Munro Rant
Newington Assembly
Prince Edward
Quadrille Country Dance
Queen Victoria
Rosnor Abbey
Ruffian's Rant

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