Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Murrough Landon

Dances Devised By The Scottish Country Dance Deviser - M. Landon

10/6 In This Style
Alan's Romp
Alfie's Team
All Shall Be Well
Ashley And Her Husbands
Ashley In Wonderland
Be True To Yourself
Benign Presence
Between Two Lakes
Birling Dervishes
Blue Sky, Yellow Sun
Bracken On Broughton Moor
Broken Symmetry
Chiswick Jig
Circuit Of Sedbergh
Così Fan Tutte
Creaky Floorboards
D And D Side Caledonians
Daniel And Roger's Wedding
Evening Primrose
Gorgeous Gordons
Gravitational Waves
Great Gable
Great Permian Mass Extinction
Hidden Heart
Holywood Production
Homemade Jam
House Keys Of Lisbon
Hutton's Unconformity
Incursion Of Weasels
Jonathan's Wheels
Kyle Castle
La Famiglia Graziani
La Fidèle De Lausanne
Large Hadron Collider
Luke's Life In London
Masters Of Art
Musical Chairs
Nimble Flower Of Nyon
Otters In Kenick Burn
Party At The French House
Quarries' Procession
Real Gem
Reflections On Woodhall Loch
Simone's Serendipitous Meeting
Smouldering Teapots
Soaring And Swooping
Strangeness And Charm
Stroller In Hades
Summer Superstars
Torque Back
Tower Of London
Treasure Of Kennington
Variations On A Theme
Whirlwind Affairs
Winter In Wasdale
Xylem And Phloem
Zeal Of The Joyous Scots

Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams For Dances Devised By M. Landon

Summer Superstars

Dance Instruction Videos For Dances Devised By M. Landon

Back To Square One
Chase, Pursued By A Bear
Coram Fields
Editor Emeritus
Generous Tunesmith
Goodbye From Him
Kindness And Marmalade
Nurse Dent
Punning Clan
Shimmering Flamingos
World Wide Web