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The RSCDS conventions over the orientation of the Palm of the hand are often expressed as:
Men should Hold Palms upwards, Ladies downwards; and where there are three Dancers Taking hands in a line, the Middle one Holds both Palms upwards. These do not adequately cover all situations and, indeed, are in conflict when a Lady is between two Men.

To be consistent, the first rule should be inviolate whenever a Man Takes hands with a Lady; the second should be changed so that the Middle Dancer Holds both Palms according to the first rule while the End Dancers adopt the opposite. This means that, for example, when 3 Couples are on their Own sides and about to start 6 hands round and back, the Man in 2nd Place has Palms up, the Lady in 2nd Place has Palms down, the Man in 1st Place has left Palm up and right Palm down and so on.

This still leaves a problem where two Men (or Ladies) are in line and also where there are four or more Men (or Ladies) in line; this can be resolved by introducing a third rule giving the Dancing couple(s), or the lowest numbered Dancing couple where there would be conflict, priority to apply the first rule with the other Dancers following appropriately.

With these amendments, the consistent rules are:

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