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Parallel Reels Of Three

The Figure Parallel reels of three is a relatively uncommon form of a pair of Reels of three, side by side, normally with the axes of the Reels on the Side lines; the loops at the adjacent Ends are both either clockwise or anticlockwise.

The dance Figure occurs in bars 1-8 of the Scottish Country Dance Cadgers in the Canongate, where it is started by the 1st Man Giving right shoulder to the 2nd Lady and the 1st Lady Giving right shoulder to the 2nd Man; Diagram 47 shows the last 23 of the 2nd bar, by which time the dancers should all be evenly spaced though 1st Man has to move off very quickly to achieve this.

Parallel reels of three Across The set occur in bars 17-24 of Catch the Wind.

It is not possible to Take Nearer hands in Parallel reels of three.

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