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Peter White Reel

The name of this quite rare Figure derives from the popular practice of identifying a new Figure by the dance in which it first occurred, Peter White (devised by Alec Hay) in this instance; although the name includes Reel, this does not imply that the Figure has any derivative association with Reels of 3 or more. It is much more closely related to Set and link.

This Scottish Country Dancing Figure occurs in Quick tempo dances and Strathspeys, using the Travelling step and Setting step appropriate to the Tempo. The half form with one pair of Corners requires 8 bars but it is usually repeated immediately with the other Corners.

When performed in the full form by 1st, 2nd and 3rd couples after a Progression which has Finished with 2nd Couple in 1st Place and 1st Couple Back-to-back Facing their First corners, it consists of:

Bars 1-2
1st couple Set Facing First corners;

Bars 3-4
1st couple Pull right shoulder back and Dance Out to Finish Facing Diagonally In, in Partner's First corner's position, While 2nd man Advance, Giving right shoulder to the approaching 1st man and Pull right shoulder back to Finish, Facing him, in the Position vacated by 1st lady While 3rd lady Advance, Giving right shoulder to the approaching 1st lady and Pull right shoulder back to Finish, Facing her, in the Position vacated by 1st man;

Bars 5-6
1st couple (now in Partner's First corner's position) Set Facing Partner's First corners (in Partner's position as at bar 1);

Bars 7-8
repeat bars 3-4 from the new Positions, Finishing with First corners having Exchanged places and 1st couple Pulling right shoulder bach to Face Second corner;

Bars 9-16
1st couple repeat bars 1-8 with their Second corners, with Corners Finishing having now Exchanged places Diagonally and 1st couple modifying the final movement to Finish as required by the succeeding Figure (right shoulder to right shoulder Facing First corner positions in the eponymous dance, in 2nd place on Opposite sides, Facing clockwise, in Best Set in the Hall.)

The Figure occurs in Strathspey tempo in At The Summit, on the First corners' Diagonal in bars 9-16 and on the Second corners' Diagonal in bars 17-24.

Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Peter White Reel

Peter White Reel Video Clip

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