Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Poems And Songs

Many Scottish Country Dances share their names and inspiration with poems or songs.

The links below take you directly to pages containing poems and songs, which in turn have links to the related dance cribs and song performances (where available).

Any relationships implied between poems/songs and dances may be assumed to be based on a balance-of-probabilities, not on certainties. Source links are provided to help your own research into the history and backgrounds on poems and songs.

Multiple entries exist below for related subjects to enable searching by song, dance tune and alternative names.
For example, Adown Winding Nith (song name) is also indexed under the names Winding Nith (dance name), Muckin O' Geordie's Byre (tune name), and Phillis The Queen O' The Fair (alternative song name).

Alphabetical List Of Poems And Songs:

2 Corbies
2 Rogueish E'en
3 Ravens
8 Men of Moidart
Actes And Deidis...
Address To The Haggis
Adown Winding Nith
Akai Kutsu - Red Shoes
Alice The Camel
All The Lads They Smile At Me
Allan Water
Alloway Kirk Rant
Ally Bally Bee
An' 'T Were Na For The Lasses
Andrew Lammie
As Bees Flee Hame
As I Cam O'er The Cairney Mount
Auld Gaul
Auld Lang Syne
Auld Robin Gray
Awa' Whigs Awa'
Back O' Bennachie
Bairns Gat Out
Banks O'Doon
Banks Of Allan Water
Barn Dance
Bauldy Bain's Fiddle
Bell Rock Reel
Berks Of Endermay
Berwick, Johnnie
Bide Ye Yet
Birks Of Aberfeldy
Birks Of Abergeldie
Birks Of Invermay
Birnie Bouzle
Blithe And Cheerie
Blue Bonnets Over The Border
Blue Eyed Lassie
Bluebells Of Scotland
Blythe And Cheerie
Bonnie Charlie
Bonnie Dundee
Bonnie House Of Airlie
Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord
Bonnie Tree
Borealis Race
Braes O' Tullymet
Braes Of Balquhither
Bratach Bàna
Braw Wooer
Bride Cam' Out O' The Byre
Brigs Of Ayr
Brisk Young Lad
British Man O' War
Brochan Lom
Brownie Of Blednoch
Bung Your Eye In The Morning
Ca' The Yowes To The Knowes
Cabbages And Kings
Cairney Mount
Caller Herrin'
Campbells Are Coming
Campbeltown Loch
Can Ye Play Me Duncan Gray
Carle He Cam' Ower The Craft
Carol Our Christmas
Cat And The Fiddle
Catawba Wine
Cauld Kail In Aberdeen
Cauldrife Wooer
Christmas Tree
Cocky Wee Gordon
Cold And Raw
Collingwood Oaks
Come Under My Plaidie
Coming Through The Rye
Corn Rigs
Così Fan Tutte
Coulter's Candy
Cradle Song
Crooket Horned Ewie
Dainty Davie
Dance She Grac'd
Dark Lochnagar
Dashing White Sergeant
Davy Nick Nack
Deil Confound Me
Deil Stick The Minister
Deil's Awa Wi' The Exciseman
Deuks Dang Ower My Daddie
Donkey Riding
Duchess Tree
Dumbarton Drums
Duncan Gray Cam' Here To Woo
Dundee Whaler
Dusty Miller
Eight Men of Moidart
Everything Stops For Tea
Ewie Wi' The Crookit Horn
Failte Na Miosg
Farewell To The Highlands
Farewell To The North
Fête Champêtre
Fiddler's Wife
Flower Of Scotland
Flowers Of Edinburgh
Flowery Banks Of Cree
For Lack Of Gold
Frae Many A Blunder Free Us
Gallant Weaver
Garb Of Old Gaul
Gentle Shepherd
Gie Us The Gift
Go To Berwick, Johnnie
Good Night, An' Joy Be Wi Ye A'
Good Night, And Joy Be Wi Ye A'
Goodnight And Joy
Gordon for Me
Green Grow The Rashes
Ha! Ha! The Wooin' O' It
Haste Ye Back
Health To Betty
Hebridean Weaving Lilt
Here Is The Glen
Here's A Hand
Here's A Hand My Trusty Fiere
Hey Diddle Diddle
Hey Jenny, Come Down To Jock
Hey, Johnnie Cope
Hey, The Dusty Miller
Hielan' Laddie
Highland Laddie
Highland Mary
I Gaed A Waefu' Gate Yestreen
I'll Make You Fain To Follow Me
I'm O'er Young To Marry Yet
If He Be A Butcher Neat And Trim
If Thou'lt Play Me Fair Play
Inchcape Rock
Invercauld's Reel
Irish Rover
Is There For Honest Poverty
Jenny Come Down To Jock
Jenny Dang The Weaver
Jenny's Bawbee
Johnnie M'Gill
Joy Be Wi' Ye
Jute Mill Song
Katherine Ogie
Kenmure's On And Awa'
Lachin y Gair
Lades O' Treasure
Lady Bandinscoth's Reel
Lady In Red
Lass Of Cessnock Banks
Lassie Wi' The Lint White Locks
Lea Rig
Lewis Bridal Song
Like Ane Bewitch'd
Like Snow On The River
Little Girl In Red Shoes
London's Burning
Lothian Lassie
Lover In Captivity
Lucy's Flittin'
Maggie Lauder
Mairi's Wedding
Man's A Man For A' That
Mary Morison
Mauchline Lady
Meg Merrilees
Mettle In Their Heels
Mill Of Tifty's Annie
Muckin O' Geordie's Byre
Muirland Willie
My Ain Kind Deary
My Boy, You May Take It From Me
My Heart's In The Highlands
My Jo Janet
My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose
My Love She's But A Lassie Yet
My Love Was Born In Aberdeen
My Mary
My Mither's Aye Glow'rin' Owre Me
My Spouse Nancy
My Tocher's The Jewel
My Wife's A Wanton Wee Thing
My Wife's A Winsome Wee Thing
National Anthem Of Scotland
Nickie Tams
Nievie Nievie Nick Nack
O Christmas Tree
O For Ane An' Twenty, Tam
O Kenmure's On And Awa'
O Tannenbaum
O Tibbie, I Hae Seen The Day
O, Whistle, And I'll Come To You, My Lad
O Willie's Rare And Willie's Fair
O'er The Water To Charlie
Oh Dear Me
Oh, My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose
Old Molly Metcalfe
Old Scottish Ballad Of Andrew Lammie
On Cessnock Banks
Out On The Mira
Over The Water To Charlie
Owl And The Pussy Cat
Paddy O'Rafferty
Parting Glass
Peat Fire Flame
Pelorus Jack
Phillis The Queen O' The Fair
Pop! Goes The Weasel
Proud And Saucy
Queen City Salute
Quick And Quicker Flew
Rantin' Rovin' Robin
Red Red Rose
Rigs O' Barley
River Cree
Road To The Isles
Rock And Wee Pickle Tow
Rothiemurchie's Rant
Rowan Tree
Sally The Camel
Saw Ye My Wee Thing?
Scottish National Anthem
Scotland's Burning
Scots Bonnet
See A Man Sae Happy
Selkirk Grace
She's Ower Young To Marry Yet
Sic A Ewie
Sic A Wife As Willie Had
Sich A Caper
Song For The Mira
Song Of The Oak
Song Of The Sea
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Souple Jade
Spark O' Water
Spinnin' O't
Summer Wooing
Tam O' Shanter
There Cam' A Young Man
There Was A Lad
There's Nae Luck Aboot The House
They Reel'd And Set
This Is No My Ain House
This Is No My Ain Lassie
Three Ravens
To A Haggis/Address To The Haggis
To A Louse
To The Gilly-Flower
Tocher Band
Tread We A Measure
True Diffidence
Twa Corbies
Twa Rogueish E'en
Twa Sparkling Een
'Twas Within A Furlong Of Edinborough Town
Twist Ye, Twine Ye!
Up In The Morning Early
Upside Down Christmas
Walrus And The Carpenter
Weary Fa' You, Duncan Gray
Wee Cooper O' Fife
Wha'll Be King But Charlie?
Whaur Gadie Rins
When First I came To Stewart Kyle
Where Gadie Rins
Where The Snowflake Reposes
White Cockade
Wild Hills O' Wannys
Wild Mountain Thyme
Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?
Will Ye No Come Back Again?
Willie Wastle
Willie's Drowned In Yarrow
Willie's Rare And Willie's Fair
Wind That Shakes The Barley
Winding Nith
Wing'd Minute
Within A Mile O' Edinburgh Toon
Woo'd And Married And A'
Yan Tan Tethera
Ye Banks And Braes
Yellow-Haired Laddie
You Must Stir It And Stump It
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