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Rights And Lefts Diagonally

In Scottish Country Dancing, Rights and lefts diagonally (sometimes called Diagonal rights and lefts) is a version of Right and lefts in which the path is distorted Diagonally. The Figure should be Finished with a Polite turn unless the succeeding Figure requires otherwise.

The rectangle in a Longwise set becomes a parallelogram with Crossing (Across the set) replaced by Crossing Diagonally. For example, in bars 9-16 of My Heather Hills: first, the Dancing couple, in 2nd Place on Opposite Sides, Cross diagonally, the Lady going Up, the Man going Down, and so Exchange places with their Second corner positions; next, they Cross up and down on the sides to reach 2nd Place on their Own sides; then, they Cross diagonally, Lady Up, Man Down to Exchange places with their First corner positions; finally, they Cross up and down on the sides and so reach 2nd Place on their Opposite Sides. This Figure takes 8 bars but involves 6 rather than 4 dancers: the Dancing couple Dance continuously and Finish in their Starting Positions; the Corners Dance in either the first or the second half and Finish diagonally opposite their Starting Positions.

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Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Rights And Lefts Diagonally

Rights And Lefts Diagonally Video Clip

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