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Rights And Lefts Halfway

Sometimes called 'half rights and lefts' Rights and lefts halfway is the first half of Right and lefts and so is a Half grand chain for 4 dancers, usually adjacent Couples or Corners in a Longwise set or the Opposite dancers in a 4-Couple Square set.

They normally start By the right, Across The set, though sometimes as, for example, in bars 49-60 of Seton's Ceilidh Band, the dancers first Cross on the sides. In a Square set, the 2nd and 4th Place dancers also start Across The set whereas the 1st and 3rd Place dancers usually start Up and down.

This Figure takes 4 bars in all, 2 for each Crossing movement with sharp rotations at each corner. The Figure should Finish with a Polite turn whenever practicable but not for those Scottish Country Dancers who are due to follow it immediately with a repetition of the Figure from different Places as, for example, the 1st Man and 4th Lady on bar 4 in The Garry Strathspey, where they are due to start a repetition of the Figure from 2nd and 3rd Places on bar 5.

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