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Rights And Lefts In A Triangular Set

While it would be possible to perform the conventional, rectangular form of Rights and lefts in a Triangular set (for example, with 1st couple, 2nd man and 3rd lady) there appears to be no instance of this. Instead, the Figure is distorted to accommodate adjacent Couples.

In a 3-Couple Triangular set, the rectangle becomes an isosceles trapezium (isosceles trapezoid in the US and Canada) with three equal-length sides and one twice as long; this requires even more care in the Phrasing than does the rectangular form of Rights and lefts. 4 Dancers are involved and they Finish in their Starting Positions.

The half Figure is much more common as, for example, in bars 25-28 and 29-32 of MacPherson's Jig; exceptional care is required over the Finishing Positions.

The Figure should be Finished with a Polite turn unless the succeeding Figure requires otherwise.

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Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Rights And Lefts In A Triangular Set

Rights And Lefts In A Triangular Set Video Clip

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