Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Rod Downey

Dances Devised By The Scottish Country Dance Deviser - R. Downey

Borders' Traditional
Buttermilk Falls
Highlander's Farewell
Jeanette's Hornpipe
Jenny Freeman's Strathspey
Johnsonville Diamond
Lady In Pink
Prince Of Sutton Coldfield
Room 1
Short And Very Sweet
Susan's Jig
Viking's Sheepskin

Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams For Dances Devised By R. Downey

Bunting Bee
Cane Toad Jig
Carlton And Alex
Cayuga Reel
Celtic Rover
Charlotte's Web
Daisy Chain (Downey)
Isla's Fancy
Kitchen Faerie
Kristin Macdonald's Strathspey
Lyall Bay
Malcolm Brown
Mary Summer
Maureen Vivino
Moggie And The Fish
Neighbour's Day
Patricia Reesby
Summer Wedding
Unjust Incarceration
White Rock
Will Starr
Windy Lane

Dance Instruction Videos For Dances Devised By R. Downey

Tom Cole's Rant