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Schiehallion Reel for 4 Dancers

This is a derivative of the standard Schiehallion reel for 4 Dancers who are disposed as individuals, rather than Couples, in a Square set. Each Dancer is Positioned at the midpoint of the Place normally occupied by a Couple; The set size is reduced such that all 4 Dancers can just Take hands in a circle without moving inwards. Like the original, it can be performed in the 4-bar quarter form or repeated for the 8-bar half form and so on; it can be danced in Strathspey tempo as well as in Quick tempo, using the appropriate Travelling step. In detail, for the quarter form:

Bars 1-2
all 4 Dancers Advance, Giving left shoulder, and Cross to Finish Facing Out in the Opposite Place;

Bars 3-4
all Cast one Place clockwise to Finish Facing In, one Place anticlockwise from the Starting place.

These 4 bars are repeated once from the new Places for the half form and three times for the full form.

The Figure appears in the half form in the Onesome Reel which was devised to enable a solitary dancer to perform a meaningful dance (albeit with 3 ghosts). Taking hands in bars 1-2 is specifically proscribed in that dance but this need not be mandatory elsewhere.

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