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Scottish Country Dances For Children A - K

This collection of Scottish Country Dances For Children is aimed specifically towards children, teenagers and beginners. Many are gathered from respected publications like Scottish Country Dances for Children by Muriel Johnstone (RSCDS), the RSCDS Books Of Graded Scottish Country Dances for younger and less experienced dancers, Katherine's Book by Iain Boyd and SCD for Children and Teens published by Jean Douglas; others are from our own experience.

These dances are more simple to dance and to teach. They are by no means the only dances suitable for young or inexperienced dancers but the list should prove a great place to start and to get ideas.

Note that almost all are jigs or reels which are better suited to the natural movements of young children; the few strathspeys included are intended to introduce older children to this more controlled form of dance.

Alphabetical List Of Scottish Country Dances For Children:

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And For The Young Ones
Another Woodland Wander
Apple Turnover
Arbroath 700
Arbroath Abbey
Argyll's Fancy
Berwick Johnnie
Bohemian Reflections
Braes Of Balluder
Brudenell Jig
Charlestown Chaser
Come Under My Plaidie
Come What May (Butterfield)
Crabbit Shona
Cramond Island
Cumberland Jig
Cumberland Jig (3-Couple Version)
Dance For Maisondieu
Dancing Man
Davy's Locker
Domino Five
Duff's House
Easy Peasy
Edinburgh Castle Reel
Edinburgh Toy Shop
Fair Enough
Fiddlehead Feast
Flying Scotsman (Thurston/RSCDS)
Flying Scotsman (Thurston/RSCDS, 3-Couple Version)
Galloping Carousel
Galloway House
Golden Bracken
Granville Market
Gypsy Girl's Headscarf
Gypsy Girl's Headscarf (3-Couple Version)
Gypsy Shawl
Gypsy Shawl (3-Couple Version)
Gypsy Thread
Hedwig's Reel
Helen's Reel
Highland Fair
Holyrood Strathspey
Honeymoon (RSCDS Graded Book)
Hyperactive Reel
It's All Right
It's Nae Bother
Jig For Mrs Dunn
Jig To The Music
Jindalee Jig
Johnnie's Jig
Kendall's Jig
Kelly's Kaper
Kitty Campbell's Reel

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