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Da Rain Dancin' Cambridge Freshers' Ceilidh 2018
Daffodil Fanwood, New Jersey 2016
Dagmar's Fancy Chiswick Scottish Country Dance Club, London 2017
Dainty Duncan Berlin Hopalots 2016
Daisy Chain (Robertson) RSCDS Croydon And District Branch 2019
Dales Of Stirling Deep Cove Scottish Country Dance Group 2017
Dalkeith's Strathspey RSCDS Edinburgh Branch Newcastle Festival 2011
Dalston Jig Newark Scottish Country Dance Society 2014
Damflask Strathspey RSCDS Sheffield 2016
Dance For Alisa DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Dance For Andrew Montreal Town of Mount Royal Class 2019
Dance For Chloe Montreal Class 2020
Dance For Dorothy (Cashmore/Ferrier) RSCDS Croydon And District Branch 2019
Dance For Helen Kuckucksnest 2015
Dance For Helen Lobb RSCDS Winter School 2017
Dance For Susi RSCDS Toronto 2018
Dance Of Diamonds Shady Glen And Moscow Branch RSCDS 2016
Dance Of Love RSCDS Paris 2019
Dance To Say Thank You 2016
Dancers On The Wall DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Dancers Web Video Produced By Iain Hale 2009
Dancers' Wedding Airyhall Girls, Aberdeen Festival 2018
Dances With Shadows The Flying Scotsman, Kirov, Russia 2019
Dancin' Witches Kirov 2019
Dancing Bees Tay Dancers, Blairgowrie, Scotland 2015
Dancing Bells St Clements End Of Season, Toronto 2017
Dancing Career SCD Group Hong Kong 2018
Dancing Dolphins Group Of Lisbon 2016
Dancing For Pleasure RSCDS Toronto Tartan Ball 2015
Dancing Forth RSCDS Edinburgh 2018
Dancing In Kirkcudbright Lower Hutt Club, Wellington, New Zealand 2015
Dancing In The Cuckoo's Nest Scottish Flowers, Peine, Germany 2009
Dancing In The Highlands Scottish Country Dance Demonstration, Japan 2018
Dancing In The Street Social Dance, Hamburg 2017
Dancing On Parnassus 2017
Dancing Man Dance School 'Beltane Fires' From Cheboksary, Russia 2017
Dancing Master RSCDS London 2010
Dancing Shepherds Tay Dancers 2019
Dancing Spirit RSCDS 2016
Dancing The Baby Lower Hutt Club, Wellington, New Zealand 2019
Dancing Up A Storm RSCDS Kitchener-Waterloo Branch 2017
Dandelion Picker Tay Dancers 2018
Dare To Dance DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Dark Lochnagar Turnham Green Scottish Country Dancers 2019
Dark Mile 2019
Darwin Lane Association Of Scottish Country Dance Societies, Sheffield Solo 2015
Dashing White Sergeant RSCDS Edinburgh 2020
Dave Macfarlane's Reel Upper Hutt Scottish Country Dance Club 2014
DAVID Gay Gordons, London 2017.
DAVID Minor Gay Gordons, London 2019.
David Queen Strathspey RSCDS Ribble Valley Branch 2017
David Russell Hall Tay Dancers 2020
David's Double Trouble Zurich St Andrews Ball 2017
David's Warm Welcome Bracknell Reel Club 2019
Davidson's Delight RSCDS Croydon And District Branch 2019
Davy Nick Nack Lower Hutt Scottish Country Dance Club 2014
Day At The Beach Charlotte (NC) Scottish Country Dance Society 2018
Day Out Old Dining Room, University of St Andrews 2019
Ddraig Goch Scottish Flowers, Peine, Germany 2012
Deacon Of The Weavers Edinburgh Scottish Dancers, Newcastle RSCDS Festival 2017
Dean Bridge Of Edinburgh RSCDS Vienna Branch 2020
Debbie The Hungarian Lady Budapest Scottish Dance Club 2019
Deb's Christmas Cracker Kuckucksnest, Schlüchtern, Germany 2017
Decapitation Jig SCDS Of Berlin, Robert Burns Night 2017
Decimus 2015
Deep Cove Dancers Deep Cove Scottish Country Dance Club 2017
Deer Friends Turnham Green Scottish Country Dancers, London 2019
Deeside Lilt RSCDS Ladystep Younger Hall 2012
Deeside Wanderer Bridport Scottish Dancers 2015
Deil Amang The Tailors At The Social Iberian Weekend In Lisbon 2012
Delvine Side Mixed Open Alba SCD Kelvin Glasgow, Newcastle Festival 2016.
Denise's Delight International Branch Weekend 2013
Den O' Mains Tay Dancers 2020
Der Absacker Germany 2018
Dervaig Ladies Jig Moscow Summer SCD Ball 2009
Désirée Patterson Johnsonville SCD Club, New Zealand 2017
Deuks Dang Ower My Daddie RSCDS Thistle Club Eindhoven 2013
Devil Among The Tailors At The Social Iberian Weekend In Lisbon 2012
Devil's Elbow Tay Dancers 2019
Devil's Water Newcastle RSCDS Display Team 2012
Dhoon Compagnia Nazionale Di Danza Storica 2013
Diamond For Napier Napier SCD Class, New Zealand 2016
Diamond Jig (Robson) Tawa SCD Club 2018
Diamond Jubilee Russian Team Mixed, Newcastle SCD Festival 2020
Diamond Quarrie RSCDS New Zealand Branch, Christchurch 2016
Diamond Rose SCD Münster 2015
Diamonds Are Forever Dancing
Dianne Murdoch's Promenade RSCDS Toronto, Dancing in the Park 2018
Dianne's Smile Crescent School 2014
Dice Dance 2009
Díky Marie Prague Caledonian Club 2016
Dillsburg Jig Scottish Party, Tomsk, Russia 2017
Dinky One Step Dufftown Dance Club 2015
Director Jim RSCDS Summer School 2019
Distillery Reel RSCDS Moscow Branch 2019
Dizzying Intellect DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Do Not Stop 2017
Dochroyle Oxford And Cambridge Highland Ball, Cambridge 2018
Domino Five RSCDS Summer School 2011
Don And Dee's Reel RSCDS Ribble Valley Branch 2017
Donald Bane International Team, Newcastle RSCDS Festival 201
Don's Reel Dufftown Dance Club 2015
Doodling At Dawn RSCDS Birmingham 2017
Doonhamer Delight RSCDS 2016
Dora Connolly's Jig Tay Dancers 2018
Dos Equis DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Double Cherry Blossoms RSCDS Toronto, Level 2 Class Demonstration 2018
Double Diamond Strathspey Berlin HOPaLOTS Germany 2011
Double Eightsome Reel London Reels 2016
Double Eighty Newcastle Festival International Team Men 2012
Double Measure Kuckucksnest, Schlüchtern, Germany 2017
Double Postie's Jig Canberra Colonial Ball 2014
Double Sixsome RSCDS London Branch Picnic Dance, Polesden Lacey 1997
Double The Trouble Arkansas Scottish Country Dance Society, Little Rock, AR 2011
Double Trouble Triangles RSCDS Summer School 2016
Dowry Bride Iberian SCD Weekend 2015
Dr McDonald's Jig Summer Course Kuckucksnest, Schlüchtern, Germany 2017
Dr Quarrie's Birthday DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Dr Robertson Port Credit, Ontario 2015
Dr Sally Hayes DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Dragon Cologne Scottish Country Dancers 2015
Dragonflies Bergneustadt 2016
Dream Catcher Ochil Scottish Country Dancers, Stirling, Scotland 2019
Drew's Delight Clive SCD Group, New Zealand 2016
Driving Through Eutaw Loch Leven dancers 2016
Drookit Mousie Chelmsford, Massachusetts 2016
Drooney's Reel Kuckucksnest 2015
Drops Of Brandy SCDS Of Berlin, Burns Night 2011
Drumelzier Tawa Scottish Country Dancing Club 2014
Drumtochty Glen German Team, Mixed Open, Newcastle Festival 2020
Drunken Sailor World A'Fair, Dayton, Ohio 2007
Dublin's Delights RSCDS Toronto 2014
Duchess Of Atholl's Slipper Christchurch SCD Summer School 2002
Duchess Tree Telheiras Scottish Country Dance Group 2013
Duddingston Loch Ochil Scottish Country Dancers, Scotland 2016
Dufftown Twirl Tay Dancers 2019
Dufftown's 50th Dufftown Dance Club 2002
Duke And Duchess Of Buccleuch Gleneagles Scottish Country Dance Club 2019
Duke And Duchess Of Edinburgh RSCDS London Branch 2016
Duke He Was A Bonnie Beau Graziani Group, Bologna 2020
Duke Of Atholl's Reel Moscow School Of Scottish Dance 2015
Duke Of Gordon's Welcome To Aberdeen Lynmill Scottish Dancers 1992
Duke Of Hamilton's Reel RSCDS Edinburgh Newcastle Festival 2013
Duke Of Kent's Waltz Jane Austen Ball, Driemond 2010
Duke Of Perth Louisiane Vintage Dancers 2010
Duke Of Roxburgh's Reel Unicorn Location Dancers 2017
Duke Of Wellington 2015
Dumbarton Drums DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Dumfries Lad RSCDS Belfast 2016
Dumfries Medley San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival 1984
Dumfries Rambler Video Produced By Iain Hale
Dumyat Red Thistle Dancers, Ethnic Dance Festival 1984
Dunblane Drummer RSCDS Gleneagles Scottish Country Dance Club 2014
Duncan Gray Tay Dancers 2019
Dundee City Police Jig Western Washington University SCD Club 2007
Dundee Dragon Tay Dancers 2019
Dundee Reel 2016
Dundee Whaler Glasgow University Scottish Country Dance Club 2017
Dunedin Festival Dance Mixed RSCDS Edinburgh Display Team 2012
Dunfermline Glen Ruhrball 2016
Dunfermline To Sarasota RSCDS Dunfermline Branch 2019
Dunivard Reel Tay Dancers 2019
Dunkeld House RSCDS Hamilton And Clydesdale 2016
Dunnet Head Telheiras Scottish Country Dance Group 2008
Dunnottar Castle (Drewry) Extreme Location Dancers 2017
Dunoon Barn Dance Coopers Coborn School, Mixed Demonstration 2016
Dunsmuir Strathspey Kalamazoo Scottish Festival 2010
Duran Ranger RSCDS Glasgow 2011
Dusky Dolphins Tay Dancers 2019
Duthie Park Tay Dancers 2015

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