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H.I.S.C.D. Watford And West Herts Scottish Society 2019
H.M.S. Veronica Clive SCD Group, New Zealand 2016
Ha! Ha! The Wooin' O' It Naramata Scottish Country Dancers 2019
Haar On Skye RSCDS Belfast 2017
Haar On The Hill Tay Dancers 2020
Hadrian's Wall (Haynes) DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Hadrian's Wall (Sheffield) DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Haggis Hunters Strictly Scottish Vancouver Demonstration Team 2019
Haggis Tree Erin Mills And Humbercrest Groups 2016
Haig Of Bemersyde Edinburgh Scottish Dancers, Newcastle RSCDS Festival 2017
Half Buchan Eightsome Reel RSCDS Aberdeen Branch, Aberdeen Festival 2018
Half Crown Jig SCD Group Hong Kong 2015
Hall Change RSCDS Summer School 2017
Hamilton Ceilidh Tartan Ball, Toronto 2014
Hamilton Hospitality Budapest Scottish Dance Weekend 2013
Hamilton House Hamilton And Clydesdale RSCDS 2015
Hamilton Rant RSCDS Seattle 2014
Hamilton Welcome Birmingham RSCDS 2012
Hamish Henderson's Refusal Scottish Country Dancers, Karlsruhe 2017
Hana Strathspey RSCDS Cambridge, Massachusetts 2013
Hand In Hand Lyon (Rhone), Newcastle RSCDS Festival 2018
Handem Reel Valley SCD And Thistle SCD Dancers, Nova Scotia 2018
Hanna's Pride Kuckucksnest 2016
Happiness Is Scottish Country Dancing Watford And West Herts Scottish Society 2019
Happy Christmas Group Of Lisbon 2016
Happy Meeting RSCDS Stirling Branch 2019
Happy Potter Graziani Group, Bologna, 2020.
Happy Returns Berkhamsted Strathspey And Reel Club 2014
Happy To Meet Lower Hutt Scottish Country Dance Club 2014
Happy Weasel Pleasanton Highland Games 2013
Happy Weekend RSCDS Croydon And District Branch 2019
Hare Reel DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Harlequin Lochaber Dancers 2018
Harry And The Harem Scottish Party, Tomsk, Russia 2017
Hartfell Jig 2009
Harvest Moon Airyhall Display Dancing, Newcastle 2020
Haste To The Wedding Graziani Group, Bologna 2020
Haste Ye Back Berlin HOPaLOTS 2011
Haughs O' Cromdale RSCDS Summer School, Week One Demonstration 2017
Haunt Of The Gnomes BBC Children In Need 2010
Haymakers SCDS of Berlin, Burns Night 2014
Hazel Tree RSCDS Stirling Branch, Drummond Castle, Perthshire 2006
He Built A Crooked House Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 2017
Heatherbrae SCD Group Hong Kong 2010
Hebridean Weaving Lilt Folk Dance Tournament 2011
Hedwig's Reel RSCDS Glasgow 2016
Heid O' The Brae Braemar Dancers Of Winnipeg 2010
Helen's Reel Turnham Green Scottish Country Dancers, London 2019
Hellen Gleneagles Scottish Country Dance Club 2019
Hello-Goodbye Royal Scottish Country Dance Society 2017
Heptathlon Jig SCD Group Hong Kong 2015
Here Comes Santa Claus RSCDS Toronto St Clement's Social Group, Christmas Dance 2016
Hesitation Waltz Dufftown Dance Club 2015
Hey, Johnnie Cope Lyon Men, Newcastle RSCDS Festival 2019
Hidden Heart Gay Gordons, London 2018
Hidden Valley Westbury Scottish Club, Bristol 2012
High Lodge DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
High Society RSCDS Helensburgh And District 2017
Highland Cathedral Bend And Central Oregon High Desert 2017
Highland Fair RSCDS Manchester Nice And Easy Dance 2009
Highland Laddie International Team, Newcastle RSCDS Festival 2015
Highland Lass RSCDS Toronto 2017
Highland Mary Nanaimo Scottish Country Dancers, British Columbia 2013
Highland Midge Red Thistle Dancers 2011
Highland Park RSCDS Moscow Branch 2019
Highland Rambler RSCDS Stirling Branch 2019
Highland Reel Bush Dance And Music Club Of Bendigo 2015
Highland Rose Chard Scottish Country Dancers 2017
Highland Saunter Dufftown Dance Club 2015
Highland Schottische Great Hall Of Borthwick Castle 2011
Highland Welcome (Forbes) Saint Andrew Society Of Western Australia 2011
Highlandman Kissed His Mother (MMM) 2016
Highlandman's Umbrella Berkhamsted Strathspey And Reel Club Demonstration 2017
Highlands Of Durham Strathspey Highlands Of Durham Group 2014
Hillcrest's Ruby Gem Jean Noble's Hillcrest Social Group 2016
Hillpark Hillpark Class, RSCDS Glasgow 2018
Hills Of Alba Dufftown Scottish Country Dancing 2014
Hippies Dufftown Dance Club 2015 HISCD Watford And West Herts Scottish Society 2019
HMS Veronica Clive SCD Group, New Zealand 2016
Hogmanay Jig Tay Dancers 2017
Holden My Own San Francisco Branch, RSCDS, Asilomar 2016
Hollin Buss City Moves, RSCDS Christmas Dance 2019
Holly Rigg Valley SCD And Thistle SCD Dancers, Nova Scotia 2018
Holyrood Strathspey Royal Scottish Country Dance Society 2017
Holywood Production Gay Gordons And Friends, London 2019
Homecoming Dance RSCDS Vancouver Branch Demonstration Team Burns Supper 2009
Homecoming Reel Newcastle RSCDS Display 2019
Homemade Jam Gay Gordons, Epping Forest And Richmond Groups 2017
Honest Men And Bonnie Lassies Pleasanton Games 2011
Honeymoon (RSCDS Graded Book) Meiklemill Primary School, Aberdeen 2015
Honour A King Clive SCD Group, New Zealand 2016
Honour The Piper Portland Branch, Royal Scottish Country Dance Society 1995
Hooked On Bells Red Thistle Dancers, San Francisco Bay 2016
Hoopers Jig RSCDS New Zealand Branch, Christchurch 2017
Hope Little's Strathspey Burnaby Scottish Country Dance Club 2013
Hope Valley Reel RSCDS Sheffield 2016
Hopetoun House RSCDS Hamilton And Clydesdale, Spring Dance 2019
Horologist Tay Dancers 2020
Hot Cross Bun Summer Course Kuckucksnest, Schl├╝chtern, Germany 2017
Hot Toddy Red Thistle Dancers, Dickens Fair 2016
Hoy Head Dufftown Dance Club 2017
Hoy Tensome Dufftown Dance Club 2015
Hudeln! SCD Ball, Hude, Germany 2012
Hudson Landing RSCDS Twin Cities Branch 2013
Humours Of California RSCDS Belfast Branch 2017
Hundred Years Behind Us! Watford And West Herts Scottish Society 2019
Hungarian Bride Budapest Scottish Dance Club 2011
Hunter House Mill 2009
Hunter's Moon RSCDS Leicester 2019
Hunting Horn Highland Mist Scottish Country Dancers 2011
Huntly Castle Red Thistle Dancers 1987
Huntsman Tay Dancers 2019
Hurlygush Dunedin Dancers, From Edinburgh, Scotland 2011
Hyperactive Reel RSCDS Summer School, St Andrews 2012

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