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Snake Bit
Snake Pass
Snow Flurries
Snow In Summer (Bell)
Snow On The Mountain
Snow On The Roof
Snow Wave
Snowball Reel
So Far Yet So Close
So Very Special
Soaring And Swooping
Social Butterfly
Society Piper
Solway Firth
Somerset Children's Reel
Song Of The Sea
Sons Of The Rock
Sophie's Sand Castle
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Sound Of Cara
Sound Of Harris
Sound Of Iona (Craig)
South West Way
Southern Aurora
Southern Cross
Southern Rose Waltz
Southern Stars
Spaghetti Junction
Spanish Dance
Spark Dance
Spark O' Water
Sparkenhoe Circle
Sparkling Eyes
Sparkling Sixty
Sparks Fly
Special Birthday
Special Occasion (Brenchley)
Speed The Plough
Speedy Thomas
Speirs Bruce
Spey Royal
Spinnaker Tower
Spinning Top
Spinning Wheel (Croot)
Spinning Wheel (Johnstone)
Spirit Of The Dance
Sport Of The Chase
Spring Fling Reel
Spurtle King
Square Root
SS Johnstone

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