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Uilliam Dona Scottish Flowers, Peine 2014
Ullapool Ferry RSCDS Summer School, Younger Hall, St. Andrews 2018
Uncle Bill's Jig RSCDS Toronto Volunteer Appreciation Dance 2016
Uncle Isaac Red Thistle Dancers, San Francisco 2016
Under A Shady Tree Johnsonville, New Zealand, SCD Club's Tartan Night 2016
Up And Down Ben Nevis 2012
Up In The Air International Team Black, Newcastle Festival 2017
Uppies And Doonies Tay Dancers 2019
Ute And Tris Sterbfritz, Germany 2010

Vale Of Atholl Bluebonnet Scottish Country Dancers 2013
Vale Of The Singing Gold Canberra RSCDS National Folk Festival 2015
Valentine RSCDS Summer School Week 1 2011
Valentine For Venessa 2015
Valley Over The Hill 2018
Vancouver Island Reel Nanaimo Scottish Country Dancers 2013
Vanessa Red Thistle Dancers, Pleasanton Highland Games 2017
Veleta HopeSpring 'Dancing With The Stars' Event 2010
Very Legal Wedding Chiswick Scottish Country Dance Club 2013
Viking's Sheepskin Johnsonville SCD Club 2015
Village Reel Wellington Region Ball, New Zealand 2014
Vintage Simon RSCDS Gleneagles Scottish Country Dance Club 2013
Violynne New Dancers' Celebration, Newlands, Wellington 2013
Virginia Reel RSCDS Dunfermline Children's Class Demonstration 2018
Visit To Japan Scottish Flowers SCD Group, Peine 2015

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