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Xylem And Phloem Gay Gordons And Friends, London 2019

Y Ddraig Goch Scottish Flowers, Germany 2012
Yaezakura RSCDS Toronto, Level 2 Class Demonstration 2018
Yan Tan Tethera Dufftown Dance Club 2017
Ye Ken It Well DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Ye Olde Pussy Cat Watford And West Herts Scottish Society 2017
Yearning Saunter Dufftown Dance Club 2015
Ye'll Aye Be Welcome Back Again RSCDS Edinburgh Branch 2012
Yes I Do 2015
Yet Another Birthday RSCDS Montreal 2016
Yorkshire Man Deep Cove Scottish Country Dance Club 2017
Young At Heart (Rankin) RSCDS Belfast 2017
Young Pretender Glasgow University Scottish Country Dance Club 2017
Ysobel Stewart Of Fish Hoek RSCDS 2018
Ythanside 1 Fanwood, New Jersey 2017
Yvonne's Lasses Christmas Ball In M√ľnster/Germany 2012

Zeal Of The Joyous Scots Gay Gordons, Chiswick And Epping Forrest Groups, London 2018
Zombie Town Germany 2018
Zoologist Tay Dancers 2017
Zytglogge Loch Leven Dancers 2017

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