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Scottish Dances YouTube Videos Explained

Videos for a Scottish Country Dance can be referenced from our Scottish Dance instructions pages, through an Alphabetical List or direct to the page if you have saved the link.

Since our pages all link to YouTube (or, occasionally, Vimeo) dance videos, we have no control over their quality, whether your browser is correctly set up to play them, or even their continued existence. If you have any problem, click Advice On Playing Videos.

Videos are chosen on educational merit, i.e., those which show clearly how to perform at least one Repeat of the whole dance. Nothing is implied by the order (which is often changed) on pages with multiple videos.

Choreographers of demonstrations often indulge in artistic licence and so there may be deviation from a strict performance of the dance. Very rarely is a dance video recorded for strictly educational purposes by a professional using highly-experienced dancers; much more commonly, all parties are amateurs (in both senses). However, providing the recording is sufficiently clear, this can sometimes be beneficial; when a dancer is seen to make a mistake or to be a little late in starting a Figure, that can be an important indicator of a part of the dance needing special attention.

Click anywhere on a video to start; click again to pause and again to continue. Sound volume control, speed control, picture quality, full screen display and other playing options are available at the bottom of each video. Note that, while most of these are served by intuitive buttons, speed control is hidden under the cogwheel button labelled "Settings"; it is especially important to be able to see the video in slow motion when trying to understand the intricacies of some Footwork or an especially Complex Figure.

When a particular dance is embedded among others in a demonstration or some other sequence, we cue it to start at the beginning and to finish at the end of that dance (or, sometimes, at the beginning and end of one or more Repeats in that dance). If you attempt to replay one of these clipped videos, YouTube will actually start it from the beginning of the video; to replay the clip only, click on the link "Restart This Video Clip" below the video in question.

Each Scottish Country Dance video page has a link at the top and bottom to the written instructions for that dance (when a crib page exists); for the full list of dance instructions, click Dance Instructions - A-Z Dance Cribs or the tab on the right of all pages.

The date provided with each video is the date of the performance, where known. If the performance date is unavailable, the YouTube upload date is used.

The copyright to these videos and any music played during these performances remains the original property of the recording labels and artists; no infringement is intended.

It is fortunate for the Scottish Country Dancing community at large that amateur recorders of videos produce the material which we can disseminate. If you are planning to produce a YouTube video of a Scottish Country Dance, see our Advice On Preparing Videos.