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Although this is an immensely powerful tool, it must be used carefully. Unlike Google and other search engines, it does not try to help you with misspelt words or by offering alternatives with a similar meaning; it's up to you to be accurate. If you search on a common word or phrase, expect to be inundated; if you search on too precise a phrase or a misspelling, you will miss your objective. Judicious use of the options in "advanced search" (on the results page) will enable you to strike a balance; to check that we haven't spelt a word differently from your way, look at "index" (on the results page).

This Search is particularly useful for finding a dance whose name includes a distinctive word but not at the beginning. For example, searching on "Auchterarder" finds the dance crib, the crib diagram and the videos for the dance, "Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder"; however, it does also find ten other pages, mostly index pages but also some technical terms and advice pages.

It is also good for identifying those dances with a particular, and preferably rare, characteristic; for example, searching on "10 Bar Phrases", as an "exact phrase" and with the "case insensitive" option, shows nine dances in that format and only five other pages. However, if the preparer had used the expression "10 Bar Music" in his/her crib for a dance, you would not have found it when searching on "10 Bar Phrases". Similarly, if you search for "10 Bar Music" as an "exact phrase", the only page you will be offered is this one.

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