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Set And Link

The term Set and link is used for a group of Figures in a Longwise set Starting with two or three Dancers in a line (either in the Sidelines or Across the set) Facing a similar line. It is suitable for Strathspeys and Quick tempo dances.

On the first two bars, all Take hands and Set. The next two bars are the distinctive feature: the Dancer at the left End of each line Dances In, Pulling right shoulder back, to Finish at the other End of the same line While all the others Cast clockwise. The specific Figures differ in the number of Dancers and their Positions and Facing Directions when they Finish.

If not otherwise qualified, Set and link means the 8-bar sequence with the 4-bar Set and link for three performed twice, first with lines On the sides and then Across the set. This is almost certainly the original form from which the Figures, Set and link for two, the alternative form of Set and link for three, Set and link for more than three Dancers, reverse forms and those starting in lines back-to-back derive. Since the usage is both rare and not wholly consistently named for other than Set and link for two and the standard form of Set and link for three, it is essential that devisers and teachers should define what is required explicitly in terms of the basic Figures when one of these alternative forms of Set and link is to be performed.

Note that there is also a rare, Reverse set and link for 2 couples in which the Dancers follow an anticlockwise path.

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