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Slip Step

In Scottish Country Dancing, Slip step is a sideways Travelling Step used for Hands round (Dancing round in a circle) and occasionally for other Figures, such as Slip down and Slip up in which a Couple Travel with Both hands joined and Facing each other.

The diagram shows one complete Slip step to the left, taking one bar of music in all; these movements are repeated for the number of bars designated or implied for the Figure.

Diagram, Slip Step

Slip Step

One bar of Slip step to the left. Each beat is shown on a separate line for clarity.

For movement to the right, interchange right and left in the description.

When changing from Slip step to the left to Slip step to the right, as at the halfway point in Hands round and back, while completing the closing movement of the right foot make a firm hop on the left foot (to counteract the inertia of the circling Dancers) and Start the next bar by stepping back to the right with the right foot.

See Fitting The Steps To The Music for those details covering this and the other six basic steps of Scottish Country Dancing.
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Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Slip Step

Slip Step Travelling Step Video Clip

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