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In Scottish Country Dancing Strathspeys have different steps from the Quick tempo dances and are performed at about half the speed (around 32 bars per minute) thus giving much more opportunity for graceful dancing.

Note that the Strathspey tempo in Scottish Country Dancing is much slower than the Strathspey in Highland and Ladies' Step Dancing though the dotted rhythm is the same in the traditional tunes. Slow Airs are often used to provide an alternative rhythm at the same tempo.

For example, here are some Scottish Country Dances categorized as Strathspeys -
3 Couple Strathspeys
5 Couple Strathspeys
Argyll Strathspey
Byron Strathspey
Dream Catcher
Farewell To The Highlands
Flower O' The Quern (Drewry)
Gang The Same Gate
Glasgow Lasses
Neidpath Castle

Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Strathspeys

Strathspeys Video Clip

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