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Synonyms And Convenient Shorthand Expressions

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3 couple rights and lefts - Rights And Lefts For 3 Couples
3 couple set - 3 Couple Repeat In 3 Couple Set
4 couple set - 4 Couple Repeat In 4 Couple Set
5 couple rights and lefts - Rights And Lefts For 5 Couples
5 couple set - 5 Couple Repeat In 5 Couple Set
Banana reel of four - Crescent Reel Of Four
Bottom - Foot
Cast off - Cast Down
Change - Exchange Places
Circle - Hands Round
Circle to the left - Hands Round To The Left
Circle to the right - Hands Round To The Right
Common schottische - Strathspey Setting Step
Corner, Partner, Corner, Partner - Turn Corner, Partner, Corner, Partner
Dance to each corner and set - Courage Reels
Diagonal rights and lefts - Rights And Lefts Diagonally
Diamond poussette - Strathspey Poussette
Formations - Figures
Grip - Holds
Half diagonal rights and lefts - Rights And Lefts Halfway Diagonally
Half figure of eight across - Figure Of Eight Across Halfway
Half grand chain - Grand Chain Halfway
Half ladies' chain - Ladies' Chain Halfway
Half men's chain - Men's Chain Halfway
Half rights and lefts - Rights And Lefts Halfway
Lead down, crossing - Cross Down
Lead up, crossing - Cross Up
Left hands - By The Left
Left hands round - Hands Round To The Left
Left shoulder reel of four - Reverse Reel Of Four
Lengthwise Sets - Longwise Sets
Open hold - Open Grip
Reeling - Ceilidh Dancing
Reflection reels of four - Mirror Reels Of Four
Reflection reels of three - Mirror Reels Of Three
Reverse Schiehallion reel - Ladies' Schiehallion Reel
Right hands - By The Right
Right hands round - Hands Round To The Right
Roundabout poussette - Strathspey Poussette
Set to corners and partner - Hello‑Goodbye Setting
Slow turn grip - Open Grip
Snowball chain - Progressive Chain
Star - Hands Across
Tight turn grip - Quick Turn Grip
Turn about - Turn On The Spot
Wheel - Hands Across

Complex Synonyms And Convenient Shorthand Expressions

Crescent Reel Of Four - when used in a Triangular Set is a synonym for Interlocking reels on the Sides
Fourth corner position, when used in a Longwise Set, is a synonym for Partner's Second Corner Position
Set to is a conveniently short synonym for Set Facing
Third Corner Position, when used in a Longwise Set, is a synonym for Partner's First Corner Position
Turn halfway means that the dancers Exchange Positions; it is a synonym for the first meaning of Cross
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