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To The Gilly-Flower

Poem By Edward Bickersteth

To The Gilly-Flower is a poem written by Edward Bickersteth published in "Poems and Songs. By E. H. B." by William Pickering in 1848.

Edward Henry Bickersteth (25 January 1825 - 16 May 1906) was a bishop in the Church of England and he held the office of Bishop of Exeter between 1885 and 1900.

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The Gilly Flower

To The Gilly-Flower By Edward Bickersteth

Come, lonely, melancholy flow'r,
Who lov'st with me the silent hour,
Come shed abroad, when stars are high,
Thy faint perfume, thine od'rous sigh.

Yet why should all thy beauties shun
The warm embraces of the sun,
And only to pale Cynthia's ray
Reveal those sweets denied to day?

Ah! 'tis the shade thy spirit seeks,
And of sweet things thy spirit speaks;
With love and death thy vigils are,
Thy breathings of the ev'ning star.

Thus 'tis with many a Child of Song
When stung by insult and by wrong;
They fear another pang to bear,
And seek the shade and shelter there.

The Gilly Flower
The Gilly Flower, Matthiola Incana

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