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Tributes To This Dance Site

These are some of the compliments and tributes sent in to this dance site over the years. Thank you so much for all your kind words, it makes all our efforts worthwhile.

As these have been taken from personal correspondence sent to us, all personal details have been removed. If you recognise your own words and would prefer not to have them made public do please let us know and they will be removed immediately.

  • Last month's edition of Set and Link featured Reuben Freemantle (Reuben Freemantle - the person behind I cannot thank him enough for this invaluable resource!
    Everyone has a different style of learning and through the clever design of this website there is something for everyone; cribs, diagrams and videos!
    With the exponential increase in the number of new and more complicated dances, I find the video section particularly useful as it not only explains what everyone is doing, but provides the nuances of time and place. It also allows me to practise at home with the correct music.
    Please pass on my gratitude for all the work which has gone into its creation and maintenance. It has made participating in tea dances and balls far more enjoyable! Toronto.

  • Thank you Reuben - Fixed... allow me to say thanks for the site which gives hours of enjoyment! One day we will manage to get going again.

  • It was 2 of my class members who told me about your site some years ago. I passed comment in class that they were really improving and they said it was because they were watching videos on their computers - your site.
    I have used your site ever since. I circulate the dances to be covered in class with Minicrib instructions and the links to your site.
    All the work you put into the site is very much appreciated. If you would please send me your postal address I will send you a cheque...
    Stay safe and well - and keep up the good work. Scotland.

  • Hello Reuben, I wish to express my sincere and deep gratitude to you and Laurence for your efforts to develop and maintain the Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary. It has proven to be an invaluable resource for our experienced and newer dancers. Canada.

  • Thank you for creating and maintaining the Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary! It is a wonderful website, and used a lot by us and members of our group. Lisbon.

  • Thanks for creating the Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary website. It's been a valuable learning tool for me over the past 4 years. British Columbia.

  • I LOVE the website and use it often. San Francisco.

  • Firstly - thanks so much for your work on this site. It is invaluable. Ontario.

  • Thanks for all of your work on the Scottish dictionary. Much appreciated. Oregon.

  • What a wonderful resource you have here. My class are much improved when they can visit the YouTube videos. Keep up the good work. Tasmania.

  • Keep up the good work, the SCD Dictionary is a great resource for dancers and teachers! Edinburgh.

  • I just wanted to say how much I appreciate using Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary... your site has been an invaluable resource. Andalucia.

  • I make a dance page of links for our beginners and your site is a wonderful resource. Canada.

  • The absolute joy and pleasure I now get in downloading Keith's crib diagrams and pasting them onto a 'landscape' A4 page - so much better and more convenient. Reuben's maxi cribs and Keith's diagrams are a fantastic resource and I can only pay grateful tribute to both of you for what you have done for dancers across the world. I must imagine that you have some outlay for your website - can I (as a canny Scot) make a contribution to your expenses? Please let me know and I will be happy to help you out. Scotland.

  • I'm really appreciative of your work on the SCD dictionary thank you, particularly for your MaxiCribs, the full dance instructions and the dance notes. MiniCribs are, as they say, fine for reminders (although I'm a fan of the Green Book), but for learning dances it's your site that is my preference. London.

  • Thank you for your wonderful site! Ontario.

  • Thank you for a well kept up dancing dictionary which is so useful to Scottish dancers everywhere. Scotland.

  • Reuben's maxi cribs and Keith's diagrams are a fantastic resource and I can only pay grateful tribute to both of you for what you have done for dancers across the world. Scottish Highlands.

  • I get so much value from your website. It's usually very instructive, and am highly appreciative of all your hard work!

  • Thank you so much for putting together such a great resource! Your website is really useful and user friendly :) Thanks for all the hard work you've put into your website, It is truly appreciated.

  • The SCD Dictionary is a wonderful source, used by me and many members of my class. California.

  • We have used your site for many years and it's absolutely brilliant! We download dances to our iPods and iPads to learn while on the move.

  • You are doing a great job - an increasingly good job with time! Your site is very useful for folks like me who have their own database of dances and where MiniCrib is difficult to understand a glance at your site resolves everything! Scotland.

  • I can say again that the index is a fantastic piece of work.

  • I have used your site for a few years now and appreciate it immensely.

  • I had to take a moment to thank you for your most excellent, easy to use site for learning Scottish Country Dances. I am preparing for my first beginner's ball here in the U.S. and your site was most helpful. Thank you! USA.

  • I appreciate all your work in maintaining this wonderful resource. USA.

  • ...congratulations on the magnificent site you run. By now it must be the de facto standard place to look for information. Quite an achievement. UK.

  • I teach Scottish Country dancing to 2 classes in Australia, and am just writing to let you know that I LOVE your site and I use it every day. I also give the web address to all my new dancers... Thank you so much for all the hard work you do on the site, it's AWESOME! Australia.

  • What a fantastic resource. Well done. NZ.

  • I find your site an invaluable resource for finding and checking dances. Thank you! Canada.

  • You are doing a wonderful job with your website. My inexperienced dancers told me about it some time ago. They find it excellent for learning the dances for forthcoming rallies. Scotland.

  • Thanks for all the great work you do on this site. I really like the "Dance Instructions A-Z" feature. USA.

  • Use the excellent web site to print off crib diagrams all the time...UK.

  • Hi Reuben...I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the Scottish country dancing dictionary. It is featured on our website to help our members find good video resources. Vancouver, Canada.

  • Your website has revolutionised our dances....what did we used to do before? UK.

  • I still stand amazed at the work that must have gone on to compile this web site. I take my hat off to you... Thanks again for all you do. UK.

  • ...many people have mentioned what a great site you have. It's a pleasure for me to contribute to it. Scotland.

  • I really do appreciate your website - it's compulsive viewing before a dance, just to refresh the memory! UK.

  • I would like to say how very useful your website is, and very easy to use. Thank you and well done for the effort you must put into it. UK.

  • I commend you for the wonderful work you do on this page. It is such a help to teachers and students alike. Thank you so very much. USA.

  • I am very impressed by your comprehensive, accessible and user-friendly site. UK.

  • May I first thank you for the wonderful site on Scottish Country Dancing. I have been to the site MANY times to look for instructions, explanations and clarification. I am amazed by the details and grateful for the clarity of the information presented. UK.

  • Can I begin by congratulating you on producing this Great Work which benefits every dancer. I find it is very useful. England.

  • Thank you for the excellent service you provide for us dancers.

  • ...brilliant web site... I use the site in all our published dance programmes now and people come up and tell me how useful it is to have the videos along with the instructions, especially people out of our area whose locally popular dances are not the same as our own... I hope your web site will keep going for ever and ever, it's so good. You're a star! England.

  • The Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary is a wonderful resource for us dancers. Easy to use and I particularly appreciate the links to the videos. Canada.

  • Congratulations on your excellent site. What a lot of work went into it. Australia.

  • I was just checking out and I wanted to say I enjoyed it. I just found it on when searching for "ballroom dancing history"... I wish you the best of luck... England.

  • Thanks for your website. I am giving some school children a sample of SCD and the school teacher is keen so I was able to send her links to your website for my plan so she can pre-read. Plus I found cribs to two dances I couldn't quite remember but knew we could manage. Thought I'd pass on my kudos. Canada.

  • Thanks for putting the Gordon Highlanders, as requested, and also the strathspey Andrew Carnegie on your website. Great job! Livingston.

  • Just a quick word of thanks for the marvellous website you have put together. I particularly appreciate the notes and background references on (some of) the dances and the knowledgeable comments in the instruction sections. It is refreshing to have comments based on what is obviously real practical experience rather than dictats handed down from on high with no justifications... I immediately thought that your website offered great resources for all our dancers but especially for our beginners... glad to be of some help with your amazing dictionary project. England.

  • I am deeply impressed by the very extensive and informative contents of this dictionary... Again, congratulations on a very valuable initiative. Netherlands.

  • You have a wonderful site! I've enjoyed exploring it. San Francisco, California.

  • I've just discovered the Scottish Country Dance Dictionary website, and it looks like it's very easy to navigate and search and contains a wealth of information! San Francisco, California.

  • I find your site is very helpful - Thanks. Illinois, USA.

  • Congratulations on a very useful resource for Scottish Country Dancing. Sydney Australia.

  • I recently discovered your website and I am impressed with its rich content. I will enjoy exploring the website in more depth in the future. Southwest Washington State.

  • I'm an SCD teacher in Australia and make frequent use of your excellent site, Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary. Many thanks for a wonderful resource.

  • As a teacher of a Scottish Country Dance class in Scotland I have to complement both of you for the mammoth task undertaken to produce this site. Our class just thrive on new dances, new formations and in particular a challenge each Wednesday we meet.
    I have gained new formations (love The Kilt Pin), new dances and information on devisers etc. Keep up the good work.

  • I have been using your website for the past few weeks in preparation for some local dances - Many thanks, and much appreciation for the website!

  • Thank you for a very user friendly website. Whenever I am stuck I invariably find assistance/answers here, that makes my life as a teacher much easier. Have found lots of useful information and lots of new formations as well. Cape Town, South Africa.

  • I stumbled across the Scottish country dancing dictionary site this afternoon. It looks like a very useful resource.

  • I can't even begin to tell you what a godsend your website has been to me. Tasmania.

  • Overall, I have to say it is a GREAT site and a real "lifesaver"... I was hoping that there would be a resource like this that pulls it all together which is awesome! It is really great that, when possible, it has been connected with videos! I have always wished that someone would come up with a program where you could just plug the instructions in and it would make an animated version, like the one (on your site) for Bonnie Stronshiray! Iowa, USA.

  • My very sincere thanks for your marvellous resource... I use it a lot. Aberdeen, Scotland.

  • Just to say that I really appreciate the website, it is really useful. I teach a small group and have been able to revise dances so easily, and discover new ones, thanks to your instructions and also the links to the videos. Paris, France.

  • I just want to congratulate you on your terrific website. You and Reuben must have put literally years of your lives into creating it; and I'd like you to know how much people like me out there in the world outside appreciate your amazing efforts... my warmest thanks and congratulations... thank you both again for your boundless enthusiasm and hard work which has resulted in by far the best website on the subject. Provence, France.

  • LOVE this site. So helpful and informative in so many ways. The photographs attached to the cribs are a delight. England.

  • Thanks for maintaining an excellent, highly useful site I use all the time! San Francisco.

  • ...find your website very helpful. Oslo.

  • Have only just discovered your superb site, find videos very helpful in learning reels. Fife, Scotland.

  • I would like to say that I know how much many dancers appreciate the resources provided by the Dictionary, although they may not have a similar appreciation for the extraordinary amount of work that must go into it! Vancouver.

  • I am very impressed with the YouTube videos feature and the website features overall, and I believe you are a transformational leader in the Scottish Dance world. Washington, USA.

  • I would just like to say thanks for the huge enjoyment I've had learning from your site. The general level of accuracy and reliability is astounding.

  • Your website looks very impressive and I would recommend it to other dancers - Keep up the good work. England.

  • Great site, incredibly thorough!

  • I have found your website very helpful and informative. It must have taken you many years to produce such comprehensive information!

  • Your links to videos are really helpful. When I teach a small group in the country I often show them a video before teaching the dance, in the absence of any other person to help demonstrate. So thank you for this wonderful service. Victoria, Australia.

  • Thank you very much for making available all the information about Scottish country dances and the Mini Cribs. I guess it is a lot of work but very helpful for all dancers. Pegnitz, Germany.

  • Hello, just like to say that I think your Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary is terrific. Assas, France.

  • Many thanks for your extensive, extremely helpful and clear website - I make use of it often when researching dances or looking for "something new". Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Your SCD Dictionary is a great tool. Thank you for making it available to the world... Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • Many congratulations on the content and accuracy of your website Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary. Glasgow, Scotland.

  • I want to thank you for your excellent site. When I have to teach our class your site is most helpful to me. The Netherlands.

  • Came across your site (excellent)... Your site has an excellent collection, and is a great resource for this type of gathering.

  • Your website is brilliant, a huge amount of work. It is the first time I have logged onto it but it certainly wont be the last! - A brilliant source of reference for 'us what teach', England.

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