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Tulloch Turn Grip

The Tulloch turn grip is a two-handed Hold which was originally prescribed for all Turns in the Reel of Tulloch when danced either by itself or when embedded in the Foursome Reel and Half Reel of Tulloch.

The Scottish Country Dancers start side by side Facing in opposite directions and cross their arms behind each other, right hands in lefts. When the dancers are right side to right side, the Turn is clockwise; when the dancers are left side to left side, it is anticlockwise.

The Hold is difficult to achieve without fumbling, especially when changing from a clockwise to an anticlockwise rotation; the Tulloch turn grip is also potentially hazardous since the dancers are not locked together as they are with the Quick turn grip, Elbow grip or the Birl hold.

Fortunately, it has become customary in the Reel of Tulloch to replace this Grip, initially for all Turns involving a Man but nowadays for two Ladies as well. The replacement is a derivative from the Highland Dancing rĂ©pertoire; the two dancers Take Elbow grip and both raise the free arm Above the head with the Palm facing downwards.

The original Grip has been prescribed in a few other dances and it is almost always wise to use the replacement instead; it is highly inadvisable to inflict the Tulloch turn grip on an unfamiliar Partner as an alternative to the Quick turn grip, the Elbow grip or the Birl hold in informal Scottish Country Dancing.

Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Tulloch Turn Grip

Tulloch Turn Video Clip

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