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Turn And Cast

Although Turn and cast is no more than a combination of Turn (By the right), Finishing Facing Out, followed by Cast individually (one Place) on Own side, it is important as a common movement by the 1st Couple to establish the Progression in a 3 Couple Longwise, Active Set as, for example, in bars 1-4 of Mairi's Wedding.

2nd Couple usually Step up during the Casting; if so, it will almost always be necessary for them to use the form of Stepping up shown in the diagram since Turning and returning to Place (even though Facing Out) in only 2 bars is demanding for 1st Couple.

Note that the diagram shows the right foot step which would apply for the Lady on her Own side in a Longwise Set; her Partner would Dance the left foot equivalent.

Diagram, Stepping To The Right
Stepping to the Right: with diagonal forward travel in order to help another couple when time is short.

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Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Turn And Cast

Turn And Cast Video Clip

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